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Edmar Amaya founder of Edam Law PLLC
Edmar M. Amaya LL.M., ESQ specializes in intellectual property, personal injury, immigration, civil litigation, and internet law. Since 2009 he has helped private individuals, small businesses, and large corporations. Amaya brings his prior experience as an engineer, inventor, and commerce expert into his practice, ensuring clients are operating with the most modern information and leading edge legal backing.
An international general lawyer with a background in mechanical engineering, Edmar M. Amaya LL.M., ESQ. has represented many foreign corporations in successfully moving their businesses to the United States. A member of the U.S. Patent Bar, the Southern District Court of Florida, and the Federal Circuit and the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, he is fluent in Spanish, English and Swedish.



Do all cases have to go to court?

Not all cases have to go through litigation, or even merit being escalated that far. Many cases can be resolved through out-of-court processes, like mediation, a settlement, or collaborative law.


How do I get started?

The best way to begin your case is to call our office to set up a consultation at (305)800-4529 or e-mail info@edamlaw.com


How long does a lawsuit typically take to get processed in the court of law?

This varies widely; some lawsuits can be resolved quickly, whereas others may take years to conclude. Each litigation case is unique and is determined by the complexity of the legal issues and facts, and the volume of cases being handled by the court.


I have been served with a lawsuit. What do I do now?

In Florida, if you are served with a lawsuit, you must file a responsive pleading with the court within a certain period of time. If you are being sued we recommend immediately seeking legal counsel.


Are the results of mediation final? Are the results of arbitration final?

The mediator has no power to impose a resolution, other than the power of persuasion. Unlike mediation, the decision of the arbitration usually binds the parties.


What is the difference between mediation and arbitration?

Mediation is a cooperative process and uses a neutral third-party mediator to facilitate discussion in order to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution. Arbitration employs a different neutral third-party arbitrator to listen to both sides and make a decision.


Why would someone want to pursue mediation before litigation?

Going to court is a lengthy and expensive process. Avenues such as mediation or a simple settlement between opposing parties and their attorneys can oftentimes resolve the dispute before significant time and expenses are incurred.


What is litigation?

Litigation refers to a case that is resolved through the use of the court process system.

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